Brunching at Pizza East

What better way to catch up with the girls than a delicious brunch at Pizza East Shoreditch?

Located by Shoreditch High Street Station in a former tea warehouse, Pizza East isn’t your usual Pizzeria. In the evenings the exposed brick and huge windows are bursting at the seams with people enjoying fresh stone baked Pizza and Anti-Pasti with good wine and dim lit lighting. (note. if you are going to go in the evening make sure you book as it is 9 times out of 10 booked up!)  The food is good. Really good. So if you don’t get to go for brunch then go for dinner!


This was my first time brunching here, I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve been for dinner or a drink. Its a simple brunch menu, which I like (too much choice can give you a headache). You have your standard brunch options, granola, eggs etc. But then you get to their twist on brunch and thats where things get exciting.


First up, coffee! A delicious flat white that was piping hot! I managed to restrain myself but could have carried on drinking these all day!!


We all went for something a bit different. I went for “Green Eggs, Ham”

Toasted muffins with 2 poached eggs, parma ham, pesto and rocket. It was delicious, really fresh and not too heavy (leaving room for some pancakes, obviously).


One of the girls had Eggs Carbonara, now, sadly I am not a mushroom lover otherwise this would have been top of my list. I did try a mushroom free bit and it was delicious! Crunchy sourdough with crispy bacon, a creamy carbonara sauce, poached eggs and shavings of parmesan! Apparently the mushrooms were very nice…


Another dish ordered was the “Potato Hash with Pork Belly and Duck Egg” -A golden potato hash with crispy pork belly, roasted vine tomatoes rocket and duck egg.


Now of course, as with every brunch I attend, if there are pancakes on the menu then pancakes are ordered for the table. As always, these bad boys did not disappoint! The perfect combination of crispy on the outside and fluffy in the middle, drizzled with syrup, sprinkled with berries and banana with a dollop of the creamiest cream!



All in all a delicious brunch! We sat for about two hours chatting and digesting without feeling rushed, the perfect way to spend your Sunday morning/early afternoon! Also, we caught a glimpse of the roast dinner… may have to pop in for that soon!

You can find the menu for Pizza East here


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