Sourced Box – A Review

It is well known that I love to snack and I’m always trying new, healthy alternatives to naughty treats! So when I came across Sourced Box I had one thought…

“I need it!”

I was surprised with the cost, I expected it to be a lot more considering a “raw cacao brownie” could cost you up to £4.50 in your local health shop. So I signed up for a monthly subscription and I have not been disappointed. I received two before I was lucky enough to win a competition which meant I get a years subscription for free and a huge (and I mean huge) bundle of snacks. I was so excited about it! (so much so I think I have bored my housemates to death bragging about it…sorry guys!)

The box never lasts me a month because I’m far too eager to try all the new snacks, but I am always excited to receive the next one and I’m always introduced to something new and delicious!

After receiving August’s box and realising it has definitely been my favourite so far, I thought it was about time I wrote a bit of a review on here!

You get a range of snacks each month, sweet, savory and a drink. All of which are healthy, dairy free and natural!

Chia Oil

A plant based alternative for vitamins for a healthy heart! The “no fishy taste” is a definite bonus.

The Protein Ball Lemon and Pistachio Balls

Wow these were good! They tasted like lemon cake and were such a good pick me up in the afternoon. A lot of people are put off by protein balls but if you’re thinking of trying them then give these a go they’re amazing!

Inspiral Purple Corn Kale Chips

I love crisps.Probably a bit too much! These curbed my craving! They were crunchy, flavorsome and really moorish! The only thing I would say is that they can be messy so not one to snack on whilst trying to multi task but will definitely be eating these again!

Oloves Olives with Lemon and Rosemary

How cute is the name of these?! These were great to take to accompany a lunch and no worry about lids coming of pots and causing an oil leak in your hang bag! They’re really tasty and fresh!

Creative Nature Peanut Protein Bar

If you like peanut butter, you will love this! It’s so filling with a crunchy teaxture and has no dairy, wheat, gluten or soya!

Raw Vanoffee Mulberries

By far my favourite of the box! These were delicious! I was sad when I finished the pack. They were creamy and sweet, almost like if raisins were covered in Caramac. I will definitely be buying these again!

Raw Gorrila Munchies

These were a great elevensies pick me up! crunchy little bites that are perfect for if you’re busy!

Clearly Scrumptious Juicy Dried Cranberries

Im a big fan of dried fruit as a snack! These were great, an excellent topping for cereals of even on their own!

Energise Chia + Vanilla Bar

I had this as a quick breakfast,  I was a bit dubious but it was actually really tasty and not too sickly!

Sibberu Bamboo Water

Im always intrigued by new health drinks, especially those that are low in or have no sugar. I think this one is definitely more of an acquired taste. It is not syrupy like it looks and has the texture of water but has a very woody aftertaste.

Yu Yo Tea 

I’m always trying to replace my evening brew with something herbal so it was nice to have these to try, two really flavoursome teas! I’m not usually a fan of Grapefruit but I will be ordering this one again!

 If you’re looking to try new healthy snacks and are not sure where to start then give Sourced Box a go!  You can find them here ! They have a limited amount of individual boxes each month, monthly and yearly subscriptions!


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