Chocolate topped Rice Cakes…with extras!

You know when you hit that 4 O’Clock slump and you think you could really do with a quick snack to keep you going? something sweet perhaps?  That is exactly what these are great for! They’re chocolatey, healthy (ish) and with some great toppings for extra goodness! They can be prepped at the weekend or the night before and then taken to work during the week! It’s a great easy recipe to make with kids as well!

What you will need…



This ended up making 12 so half the amount of chocolate if you wish to make less.

Plain or lightly salted Rice Cakes

1 bar of Good quality Dark Chocolate (no less than 70%)


The good thing about these is that you can top them with whatever you fancy! I made 3 different types and you can get all the ingredients in the baking section at your local supermarket.

Coconut and Goji Berry 


Dried Cranberry and chopped Hazelnut 


Flaked Almond and Pumpkinseed


Melt your chocolate, you can either do this in a bowl over a pan of boiling water. (Be sure that the water isn’t touching the bowl as this will cause the chocolate to burn.) Or you can do what I did and melt it in the Microwave on the defrost setting. Be sure to do it in short bursts and stir each time to prevent the chocolate burning.


Now its time for the fun part…

Dip your rice cakes in the chocolate one by one, I found it best to drop it in and wiggle a little to ensure the whole of the rice cake is covered then lift it out and place on a board, your hands will get messy but it will be worth it!


Whilst the chocolate is still warm and runny sprinkle on your toppings then allow to cool a little before putting in the fridge.



I kept mine in an air tight bag and they lasted a few days (those that were left over after the tasting that is!)

What would your favourite toppings be?


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