Dairy Free Iced Mocha

One for the coffee lovers here…

It’s safe to say I cannot function without my morning dose of caffeine!

This is an easy and healthy way to get your fix, it’s cold, delicious and very filling! I’ve recommended it to some friends of mine and they’ve added oats to make it a breakfast alternative thats great for on the go!

Here is what you will need…


2 Tsp of Cacao Powder

2 Tsp of Chia Seeds

1 frozen banana (pop it in the freezer the night before)

1 small cup of black coffee

your choice of milk, I personally love coconut and almond milk!


It’s really as easy as putting all the ingredients into your blender/ smoothie maker and whizzing it all up!

I decided to enjoy mine in bed…its allowed on the weekends right?!



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